Belarus’ presidential election on August 9, 2020 was marked by extensive and well-documented falsification. The result was predetermined and not recognized by any democratic country. In today’s digital world, however, one cannot hide the evidence of how the people voted.

  • The digital platform Golos (Voice) found that there were over 400 constituencies where the regime indicated fewer votes for Svyatlana Tsichanouskaja than photo-verified votes for Golos in the same constituency.
  • The reputable British institute Chatham House in an opinion poll found that 52.2% voted for Tsichanouskaja and 20.6% for the incumbent dictator Lukashenko (error margin 3.27%).
  • The votes of the Belarusians in Sweden are well-documented: the polling station survey outside the Belarusian embassy showed that over 90% of voters voted for Svyatlana Tsichanouskaja and around 4% for Lukashenko.

The Belarusian people both in Belarus and in Sweden gave a strong mandate for a transition from dictatorship to democracy and they elected Svjatlana Tsichanouskaja to lead that transition. We therefore welcome:

  • EU’s decision not to recognize Alexander Lukashenko as a legitimate President of Belarus
  • Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde’s statement that Lukashenko is an illegitimately elected president and therefore lacks any form of democratic legitimacy, and the
  • European Parliament’s Resolution 2020/2779 ( RSP) which “welcomes the Coordination Council as an interim representation of the people demanding democratic change in Belarus that is open to all political and social stakeholders”.

As Lukashenko’s regime has lost its legitimacy and is no longer recognized by Sweden, the EU and, first and foremost, the Belarusian people, it is even more important to maintain and develop direct contacts between Sweden and the Belarusians. Therefore, we, Swedish Belarusians, decided to establish the People’s Embassy of Belarus in Sweden which sets the following goals:

  • develop cultural, scientific, trade union, sports and other relations between the Swedish and Belarusian peoples, outside the control of the illegitimate regime in Belarus;
  • help Belarusians in Sweden;
  • engage Swedish politicians, media and civil society in activities supporting the Belarusian people in their aim to abolish Lukashenko’s illegitimate dictatorship and transit to a democracy and the rule of law.

Creation of the People’s Embassies of Belarus was welcomed by the European Parliament in its resolution 2021/2881(RSP):
[The European Parliament] highlights the tremendous importance of the establishment of people’s embassies of Belarus worldwide and urges the Commission and the Member States to provide further support to protect the rights and interests of Belarusian citizens abroad and the interests of a democratic Belarus, for example by exploring ways to fund the people’s embassies of Belarus

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